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Find great live music in Portland, Maine

Rich, colorful music is everywhere in Portland, and one of the goals of the Portland Music Foundation is to help people find it.

The Portland Music Foundations venue map shows you where you can find live music featuring local talent.

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How to Book Your Own Gigs

Live performance is the #1 revenue stream for muscians, but it's also the toughest nut to crack.  There are more bands scrapping for gigs than even and promoters know it's a BUYER'S market.  Here are some tips to help you stay competitive and get more ...


The Portland Music Foundations' educational series is already filling a phenomenal void in our community and in the lives of musicians; professional, student, hobbyist or otherwise. The aspects of the music business covered are invaluable to the life of musicians aiming to get their music heard by someone other than their roommates or housepets.
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